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26/08/2009 : Racing Silverline still lead World Championships!

Racing Silverline took to the waters of Gothenburg, Sweden in the 4th leg of the 2009 P1 World Championships, held between 7th and 9th August. As a new addition to the P1 calendar, Gothenburg was an unfamiliar course to Racing Silverline Pilot and Navigator team, Drew Langdon and Jan Falkowski.

The team did some pre race practicing in Torbay, Devon before heading out to Sweden. Unfortunately, during testing the propellers were overworked which meant the boat could not reach its maximum speed on the waters of Gothenburg.

To add to the difficult circumstances, the starboard engine blew up during Fridays testing. The team worked frantically through the night fitting the spare engine but there was no time to test it before racing began. As a secondary sting, Racing Silverline are now unable to collect 50 bonus points for running the same engine throughout the second half of the P1 season. The team have already collected 50 bonus points for running the same engine throughout the first half of the season.

In comparison to the other P1 courses, Gothenburg is very short, totalling only 4 miles. Full of twists, turns and a tricky chicane, the course is a real challenge and makes it difficult for the powerboats to build up speed.

Despite overworked propellers, an unknown and difficult track and running on the spare engine, Racing Silverline performed well throughout the weekends racing. The team reached speeds of 103mph, however there is no doubt the Powerboat was not as quick as it could have been.

In the sprint class, Racing Silverline completed 11 laps in a time of 00:33:39:09, securing a 4th pace finish and 73 points.  In the evolution class, the team achieved a time of 00:50:07:64 over 15 laps giving them another 4th place finish and a further 73 points. Overall, the 146 points gained by the team put them in 3rd place in the Scandinavian Grand Prix of the sea.

Racing Silverline are still leading the Powerboat P1 Evolution class with a total of 646 points. There is now only 1 race to go in the 2009 Powerboat P1 Championships, the final races will take place in Sicily between 11th and 13th September.

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