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09/05/2010 : Silverline Powerboat at Yalta, Ukraine

Travelling to the Ukraine was probably the most difficult logistical exercise we have faced for the delivery of the race boat to an event. Our advice on currency was to take plenty of dollars and cigarettes for the bribes. The trip for the boat was via roads which were often not made up and had an open pot holed surface and also required a military armed guard, with machine guns, for two days of travel through the Ukraine.

The rest of the crew travelled by air where we were welcomed by the passport officers of the Ukraine provided we paid them some cash which varied from €20-100.

The event location was a welcome sight and of a very high standard, Yalta is like a mini Monaco on the Black Sea, everything had been planned and was well managed. Team Silverline took pole position in the pitts area having the spot nearest the seafront for all the spectators to see.

For this season 'Racing Silverline' is a new concept and with a new drive system which was delayed on delivery form the USA meant testing had to be carried out prior to the racing at the week-end.   

Everything was settling down well with speeds in the early 100's which was a good start having set a target speed of 110mph.

We qualified in powerpole in 6th place and carried out further testing for the saturday race.

Saturday's weather produced rough conditions which suited our set-up and we made a good start with close quarter racing with the German entry ' Searex' battling for 5th place.
After two laps of the 8 lap race one of the ignition modules overheated and we were forced to retire.

1st place went to Italian team SNAV OSG, 2nd Belgina Team ING Furnibo, 3rd Italian Team Mettamarine.

Sundays weather had settled down producing flatter conditions. The pole positions remained and we made a good start, maintaining our position, however unfortunately at the end of the first lap we encountered an oil blockage from the dry sump tank to the oil pump which reduced the oil pressure rapidly resulting in an engine seizure forcing a retirement.

1st Place was awarded to the Italian Team SNAV OSG, 2nd Mettamarine, 3rd Belgian Team ING Furnibo.

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