Silverline Power Boat Drivers


Drew Langdon - Throttle and Driver

Throttleman Drew Langdon, a commercial property developer, is fired by his passion for powerboats. Inspired by his father, who was a pilot for the International Johnson Works Powerboat Racing team, Langdon has been racing monohulls from a very early age.


Miles Jennings – Navigator

Miles Jennings is a master of racing – it’s in his blood. Inherited from his father who raced Norton motorbikes, and with his own passion for speed, it has seen Miles collect three world titles; the Harmsworth Cup and smash numerous speed records. Behind the racer, there’s a savvy businessman. Miles is the co-owner of Stovac and a group of ceramic companies, where many of his products can be found in the kitchens and bathrooms of footballers and celebrities.


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