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01/01/2010 : 2009 Review - What a Year!

Due to an influx of new cars and tuners from the USA the game has definitely been raised to a level unthinkable a year ago.

FIA European ET record     was        5.422         holder     Dave Wilson Racing

FIA European ET record     is now    5.301         holder     Dave Wilson Racing

FIA European Top Speed   was        264 mph    holder     Dave Wilson Racing

FIA European Top Speed   is now    269 mph    holder     Dave Wilson Racing

And the Silverline/Playstation dragster has exceeded that speed record with speeds of 277 and 279 mph, over 10mph faster!!!

After standing for four years the “old” record has been exceeded no less than 29 times this year by five different cars.

Whilst we still hold all the records, never in the history of European drag racing have so many cars achieved so great a performance increase over such a short period which has made Top Methanol Dragster the standout class for performance and competition throughout Europe this year, with the Silverline/Playstation supported dragster the standout car in this most competitive of classes!!

Our year started in April at the Easter Santa Pod Thunderball race, carrying on from last year our performance was promising but failed to deliver the results we need, mainly due to being unable to get this nitro powered car to hook up to the track, we leave this race determined that after 12 months of promising performance we have to now start producing better results, even if that means drastic changes to the car and its original tune up.

Main Event – FIA Round 1

What a great weekend!!

On the third qualifying run, after changes we made since Easter the much promised performance arrives!!  The car leaves the line well and keeps on pulling like a freight train almost to the finish line and we record a 5.379 et,

the First 5.30 et outside of the USA. This makes us No.1 qualifier!  On the last qualifier we beat that and run 5.351, but this time at the expense of three pistons and a cylinder head, but never mind The car is working !!!

Race day and in the first round we exceed that time again! 5.304 so close to the 5.20’s and again it costs us three pistons and a cylinder head.  In the semi finals we slow a little to 5.388 and lose.  But what an astonishing weekend! Having held it for four years the old ET record gets exceeded by us and others no less than nine times and after all that the Silverline/Playstation team still holds it.

 Finland – FIA Round 2

After the performance from the last race we now have to work on reliability and consistency and as the track is very marginal we suffer once again with a lack of grip and some more engine damage partly as a direct result.  However a semi final finish once again keeps us in the points.

 Sweden – FIA Round 3

During repairs to the engine following Finland we find some inherent faults on parts of the engine and we hope that our redesign and modification of these parts will increase our reliability this weekend, and in the first qualifier it does, No.1 qualifier with 5.345.

In the last qualifier we better that with a 5.312.  And run faster than anyone in Europe at 269 mph to remain No 1 qualifier.

First round we win with a drop off in performance, so in the semi finals we return to our qualifying set up and win with another incredible run 5.301 at

An astounding 277 mph!!  Still no damage, this is just getting better and better.  Now is our chance to make some points back on the Championship leader but the old enemy “rain” stops play and we have to settle for “just” a new European ET record of 5.301 and a European speed record of 269 mph.

Germany – FIA Round 4

Hockenheim brought us another semi final finish which in the circumstances was a good result.

The weather was very hot all weekend and everybody with high horse power levels suffered badly with a loss of traction mid track.  All our good times were set early in the morning including our low ET for the class 5.41 which gave us an extra 5 points towards the Championship keeping us in No.2 position and giving us an outside chance of a title again.

Santa Pod – FIA Final Round

In the second qualifying session we return to our previous good performance with a 5.35 ET for No.2 qualifying position and 279.94 mph speed, if only we could back that up within 1% we will have increased our own record by 10 mph but when we increase power for the third qualifier it is too much and we smoke the tyres and end up qualifying in No.2 position with a run of 5.37 at 263 mph.

First round win for us with a very consistent 5.38.

Semi finals and a very close race, although I left the start line first the performance was not there this time and we lost by a very narrow margin.

Final Results 2009  

FIA European Drag Racing Championship -Second Place

FIA ET record 5.301 seconds

FIA Speed Record 269 mph

Drastically reducing engine damage throughout the year

Drastically increased consistency throughout the year

The opportunity now exists to refine the car and setup whilst retaining consistency for an even better Championship finish in 2010 !!!

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