Silverline Chevrolet

Structure frame Steel unitary structure with FEA optimised rollcage
Body Steel/composite with Motorsport Aerodynamic Kit as defined by FIA
Front suspension MacPherson Strut with adjustable anti-roll bar
Rear suspension Pseudo semi-trailing link with adjustable anti-roll bar
Wheels and tyres 9” x 17” aluminium racing rims
280 x 7 steel disc
Front brakes 332 x 32 vented steel disc, air cooled
4-pot machined aluminium caliper, air cooled
Rear brakes 2-pot machine aluminium caliper,
280 x 7 steel disc
Engine Type 2.0-l, 4-cylinder
Displacement 1,998 cc
Intake system 64 mm throttle, individual injection, plenum with internal trumpets
Valve train 16-valve, direct-mech tappet, 34 mm inlet & 28 mm exhaust valve
Compression ratio 11 to 1
Horsepower 280hp at 8,500 rpm
Torque 197 ft/lbs at 5,800 rpm
Top speed (est) 260kph
Transmission type 6-speed sequential shift Mechanical linkage

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