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20/05/2010 : Silverline Sky Adventures - Watch OUT!

Keep your eyes open for the Silverline hot air balloon! Flying around the UK between the months of January to August, the balloon attends a number of different events including balloon fiestas, festivals, sporting events, agricultural shows and many other outdoor events. There is a balloon fiesta somewhere in the UK almost every weekend of the summer!

The Silverline Balloon has flown hundreds of miles and reached heights of thousands of feet, criss-crossing the south west of England, as well as attending events across the nation!

Some of the events in which the Silverline Balloon has flown include the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, The Exclusive Cup in Gloucestershire, Sudeley Castle Balloon event, and other events in Newbury, Cheltenham, Badminton, Fairford, Northampton and Yorkshire.

This year, the Silverline Balloon visits events in Newbury, Gloucestershire and the International Balloon Fiesta in Bristol. The Bristol International Fiesta attracts media from all over the world, and has an attendance approaching 500,000 people!

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